Tourist Chat

The Platformification Marketing Strategy is one of our biggest opportunities.

The goal is to make the marketing chain lean up to create a crowsourced social platform.

Tourist Chat is one good example powered by the Travel Guide Finder Engine

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Travel Guide Finder


Start Chatting right here, right now and find a professional guide or a tourist to visit with you any interesting venue in any interesting city all around the world. No reservations, no tickets, no early hassles: you land, you get to the venue and you tap on Travel guide finder. Check-in at any venue to be found and to meet travel buddies right from your smartphone. And when you find a buddy, just start messaging with one tap.

What you’ll find in Travel guide finder:
– Hundreds of venues
– Thousands of travel buddies
– Thousands of registered professional travel guides
– Georeferenced venues/POIs
– Sport
– Monuments
– Wineries
– Actiivities
– A travelbot always available

Open the app and select a venue around you: you’ll immediately see the list of available travel guides or buddies. Real people in real time, ready to take a tour with you. Rome, Paris, New York, London, Florence, Berlin and any other wonderful city you can name…no matter where you want to spend your holidays or spare time: with Travel guide finder you will never be alone.


Tourist Chat: find a local buddy for your trip because Together is Better!