Meteo360 HD

No longer need to become an experienced fisherman, or a surfer with a flair for the waves to look around and choose the coast where the weather is optimal.. and if you wanted to try to avoid the last minute Sunday stroll with your girlfriend? Meteo360 and.. “Honey, I’m sorry, the weather is bad on the hills!”.

“Augmented Virtual Reality” mode to see the weather on your location (using GPS) and check also around you 15-30-50 km away.
➤ All Cities Supported.
➤ No configuration needed!

Our Augmented Virtual Reality allows Meteo360 for iPad to overcome the lack of camera, offering on the four cardinal points panoramas of the locations you are viewing the weather (when available).

The application has three modes of operation “flat”, “sky” & “360°”.
✗ In flat mode, when is positioned horizontally, it displays your location on a map, weather in cardinal directions on a mobile compass.
✗ Pointing to the sky you can see the current weather on your location.
✗ In 360° mode, which is activated in upright position the device, enter in augmented reality mode. This allows you, pointing the device in any direction, to get the weather information at a distance of 15 km. It supported to expand view to 30km and 50km by icons on right bar.


Meteo360 for iPad - 360° Mode 2

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