Pollicino: remember me all about the best booth and stand in museums or exhibition

Enjoy your next show or a visit to the museums.

Record your notes on the stands you meet by taking pictures and taking the exhibitors’ contacts. While walking, thanks to the beacon technology, the app automatically records the name of the stand in which you are.
All the most important stands will remain memorized thanks to their favorite features.
Name, address and description of the stand will appear automatically. Keep your visits organized by adding the information manually. All information is stored in the device in offline so even if you are in a museum or at fairs with little signal you can take notes and keep updated the list of your favorite stands.
You can customize the contents so you can also store pictures, products and museum exhibits.
Are you an exhibitor? Do you want to create your totem thanks to the QrCode or beacon?
Join the community now: it’s free.
You can share information about stands or museums with your friends.
Launch the app and press the start button to start your journey!

Install on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xiaprojects.pollicino
Install on Apple iPhone iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pollicino-remember-the-booth/id1332796962

Direct Web Access: https://start.travelguidefinder.com

Tourist Chat

Addicted to the best taste in the world? Travelling to find new taste? Chat with other tourist to find the right place to share a meal or a trip.
Sport and Wellness are welcome: enjoy thousand of travel guide or tourist to play together to many available sports: right here, right now experience!
Find a professional buddy or a tourist like you to have this trip together visiting the best places any interesting venue in any interesting city all around the world. No reservations, no tickets, no early hassles: you land, you get to the venue and you tap on any point of interest. Check-in at any venue to be found and to meet travel buddies right from your smartphone. And when you find a buddy, just start messaging with one tap.

What you’ll find in Travel guide finder:
– Hundreds of venues
– Thousands of travel buddies
– Thousands of registered professional travel guides
– Georeferenced venues/POIs
– Sport and Social Entertainment
– Monuments
– Wineries
– Best Food Places and Events
– Actiivities
– Transportation
– Services
– Coupons and Discounts
– Local Advertising
– A travelbot always available

Open the app and select a venue around you: you’ll immediately see the list of available travel guides or buddies. Real people in real time, ready to take a tour with you. Rome, Paris, New York, London, Florence, Berlin and any other wonderful city you can name…no matter where you want to spend your holidays or spare time: with Travel guide finder you will never be alone.

Would you like to advertise to thousand of tourist across this application? Join now and follow the online video tutorials
Are you a professional guide? Join now and share your knowledge
Are you offering transportation service? Join now and advertise your professional services
Are you a smart student that is ready to work together? Join now and start supporting tourists


Demo Video

How to share tour and services

Slideshare Presentation

Install link Smartphone Android:


Install link Smartphone Apple iPhone:


Install link Smartphone Generic:


Change log and Release features:




Speed Mania 1.0.4: Il tuo amico alla guida & gareggia con gli amici di facebook

Avvia l’applicazione e richiedi di regalare una copia ad un tuo amico!

Benvenuto in Speed Mania, l’applicazione che condivide con i tuoi amici di facebook le tue esperienze di guida.

iOS iPhone, iPad Link
Android SmartPhone or Tablet Link
Facebook Application Speed Record Page

Collega il tuo account di facebook e condividi tutte le tue avventure con la tua macchina, bici, o triciclo! Puoi condividere autovelox, velocita’ e altre insidie che trovi guidando. Potrai quindi avvisare di un pericolo i tuoi amici.

Puoi condividere anche sull wall dell’applicazione!
L’applicazione raccoglie dati anche quando non hai un piano dati o la connessione attiva: funziona offline.

Mentre guidi l’applicazione mostra lo stato corrente del veicolo.
Inoltre emettera’ dei suoni per avvisarti di pericoli o dei limiti di velocita’.

Ovviamente puoi usare questa applicazione anche SENZA facebook: senza il tuo consenso l’applicazione non invia NULLA a nessun server.

What’s New in this Version

+ Ottimizzato per iOS 5 e iPhone 4S Retina Display 
+ Puoi nascondere la tua posizione dai post di Facebook 
+ Nuova interfaccia Clean Bordeaux Skin 
+ Autovelox "Tutor" Sistema di Media della velocità!!!!! 
+ Supporto per Translation In Your Language Engine (TIYLA) 
+ Nuovi Suoni! 
+ Indicatore di direzione 
+ Altimetro 
+ Stato del GPS 
+ Miglioramenti generali 
+ Bug Fixes 
+ Halloween Skin

Speed Mania 1.0.4 + Privacy

Speed Mania 1.0.4

Welcome to Speed Mania the new driving experience sharing mobile application.
Connect your facebook account to share with your friend road issues and trip.
This application work offline too!
Yes, while driving the app will show you current vehicle status and record your speed.
Also you can use this app WITHOUT posting on facebook.

iOS iPhone, iPad Link
Android SmartPhone or Tablet Link
Facebook Application Speed Record Page

What’s New in this Version:

+ Optimized for iOS 5 and iPhone 4S with Retina Display 
+ You can HIDE your position (over Facebook posts) 
+ New Clean Bordeaux Skin 
+ Speed Cam "Tutor" Support for Average Speed 
+ Support For Translation In Your Language Engine (TIYLA) 
+ New cool sounds! 
+ Added Compass 
+ Added Altimeter 
+ GPS Status indicator 
+ Speed up engine 
+ Bug Fixes 
+ Halloween Skin

Speed Mania 1.0.3 + Sfida gli Amici

Speed Mania 1.0.3

Benvenuto in Speed Mania, l’applicazione che condivide con i tuoi amici di facebook le tue esperienze di guida.

Disponibile sullo store!
iOS iPhone, iPad Link
Android SmartPhone or Tablet Link
Facebook Application Speed Record Page

L’aggiornamento 1.0.3 aggiunge eccezzionali novita’:

  • Friends Challenge “Sfida gli Amici”: se i tuoi amici condividono su Facebook i loro record (Sul loro profilo o sul Wall dell’applicazione) Tu vedrai sul croscotto dell’applicazione l’attuale record per Zona del tuo amico.
    (Viene mostrata la velocita’ per zona e il brand della autovettura)
  • La Sicurezza al primo posto: da oggi puoi sincronizzare e condividere i limiti di velocita’ per Zona. L’applicazione memorizza e scarica i limiti impostati da te o dai tuoi amici.
  • Hai un dispositivo vecchio? Abbiamo ottimizzato Speed Mania!
  • Segnali di pericolo divertenti! provali!
  • Pubblica il tuo record di velocita’ direttamente sul Wall di un tuo amico!
  • Gadgets: puoi vincere la mini t-shirt Speed Mania da appendere in auto!


Friends Challenge

La funzione mostra i record dei tuoi amici e del wall dell’applicazione in caso siano pubblicati per la Zona dove ti trovi.
Vediamo come funziona:


Guidando, sempre con prudenza e rispettando le leggi, hai effettuato il record di velocita’ per quella Zona.
Hai raggiunto una nuova Zona, e il leader della zona guida una “Lamborghini” e possiede il record di 65 km/h. Friend Challenge funziona anche sui circuiti di gara: puoi impostare la modalita’ attraverso le impostazioni.
Puoi diventare Leader della Zona superando il record di velocita’.
(Attenzione: questa applicazione viene utilizzata sui circuiti di gara quindi presta attenzione alle leggi e alla sicurezza)
Superando il leader puo’ essere attivata la modalita’ “Reply Challenge Post” questo inserira’ un commento sul post del tuo amico indicando la tua nuova velocita’


Utilizzando giornalmente Speed Mania puoi vincere divertenti Gadgets

Speed Mania 1.0.3 + Friends Challenge

Speed Mania 1.0.3

Welcome to Speed Mania the new driving experience sharing mobile application.

Available on mobile stores!

iOS iPhone, iPad Link

Android SmartPhone or Tablet Link

Facebook Application Speed Record Page
Update 1.0.3 brings a lot of hot features:

  • Friends Challenge “Speed Record Real Time sharing with your Friends” if one of your friend set a Speed Record for zone Speed Mania will load it while you are driving! You can see on the HUD current friend record and challenge
  • Speed Limit sharing with your Friends: if one of your friend set a limit for zone Speed Mania will load it while you are driving! Stay Safe 😀
  • Optimization for older devices
  • Funny Warnings! look at dedicaded section
  • You can post Speed Record to your Wall Friend! Enjoy
  • Gadgets: publish your Speed Record on the Application Wall and you can win funny gadgets


Friends Challenge

If your friends share Speed Record over their profile or Application Wall the app will advice you while driving! Yeah, you can challenge your friends, and also if you post your records your friends will challenge with you too!
Look at these samples:


While you are driving you score the Speed Record: You are the “King of this Zone”
You are just in new Zone (May be Racing Track!) and You will notice there is another driver with a “Lamborghini” at 65 km/h
Dring faster than current “King of Zone” (May be a Racing Track) you will gain the “leader” position!

(This App is used on Speed Racing Circuits too, so take care about driving license and law)

If you like to post your Speed Record you can enable “Reply Challenge Post” feature! When you gain the leader score the app will comment the Speed Record of your challenger


Using Speed Mania daily let’s you win funny gadgets like the mini-tshirt to attach into your car!

Find Friend Look Like Me: discover which one of your friends!

Find Friend Look Like Me: discover which one of your facebook friends has profile photo much like yours!

Apple iOS iPhone and Retina iPhone Download from AppStore


You can also look at him/her profile and post the badge to him/her wall!

How does it make it magical?
1) install
2) launch Friend Look Like Me
3) connect to your Facebook profile
4) you will see your avatar and how many friends are being loaded
5) start recognizing
6) please wait while the app match your friends with your photo
7) you will see for every friend how much him/her photo match with yours
8) after all on the bottom you can find the best matching result!
9) you can ping him/her by posting to him/her profile or simply look at him/her profile

You can launch and recognize your photo friends every time you want

* this application require internet connectivity *
* this application is secure: We do not store your profile or any important info about you *
* Native support for Retina Display *