Facebook + Friends = Fun & Share

Find friend that look like me.. through FaceBook!

You can also look at him/her profile and post the badge to him/her wall!

How does it make it magical?
1) install
2) launch Friend Look Like Me
3) connect to your Facebook profile
4) you will see your avatar and how many friends are being loaded
5) start recognizing
6) please wait while the app match your friends with your photo
7) you will see for every friend how much him/her photo match with yours
8) after all on the bottom you can find the best matching result!
9) you can ping him/her by posting to him/her profile or simply look at him/her profile

You can launch and recognize your photo friends every time you want!!!

 Facebook Love Match! Test Zodiac Sign Affinity Today

Test Zodiac Sign Affinity with your Facebook Friends applying complex algoritms.
Astrologers have devoted lifetimes to correlating planetary positions to events on Earth, and dispensed advice on every type of development… This App recall ALL methods to calculate Affinity between signs of the Zodiac!

Affinity is calculated between You and your Facebook Friends! Simplest way to know who meet this night 😀

Using this App is Very Simple: connect your profile and choose searching gender Facebook Love Match! will reveals to you affinity!
Also you can post affinity to him/her profile!
Try it every day! it may change: planetary never stops