Speed Mania 1.0.4 + Privacy

Speed Mania 1.0.4

Welcome to Speed Mania the new driving experience sharing mobile application.
Connect your facebook account to share with your friend road issues and trip.
This application work offline too!
Yes, while driving the app will show you current vehicle status and record your speed.
Also you can use this app WITHOUT posting on facebook.

iOS iPhone, iPad Link
Android SmartPhone or Tablet Link
Facebook Application Speed Record Page

What’s New in this Version:

+ Optimized for iOS 5 and iPhone 4S with Retina Display 
+ You can HIDE your position (over Facebook posts) 
+ New Clean Bordeaux Skin 
+ Speed Cam "Tutor" Support for Average Speed 
+ Support For Translation In Your Language Engine (TIYLA) 
+ New cool sounds! 
+ Added Compass 
+ Added Altimeter 
+ GPS Status indicator 
+ Speed up engine 
+ Bug Fixes 
+ Halloween Skin