Speed Mania 1.0.3 + Friends Challenge

Speed Mania 1.0.3

Welcome to Speed Mania the new driving experience sharing mobile application.

Available on mobile stores!

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Update 1.0.3 brings a lot of hot features:

  • Friends Challenge “Speed Record Real Time sharing with your Friends” if one of your friend set a Speed Record for zone Speed Mania will load it while you are driving! You can see on the HUD current friend record and challenge
  • Speed Limit sharing with your Friends: if one of your friend set a limit for zone Speed Mania will load it while you are driving! Stay Safe 😀
  • Optimization for older devices
  • Funny Warnings! look at dedicaded section
  • You can post Speed Record to your Wall Friend! Enjoy
  • Gadgets: publish your Speed Record on the Application Wall and you can win funny gadgets


Friends Challenge

If your friends share Speed Record over their profile or Application Wall the app will advice you while driving! Yeah, you can challenge your friends, and also if you post your records your friends will challenge with you too!
Look at these samples:


While you are driving you score the Speed Record: You are the “King of this Zone”
You are just in new Zone (May be Racing Track!) and You will notice there is another driver with a “Lamborghini” at 65 km/h
Dring faster than current “King of Zone” (May be a Racing Track) you will gain the “leader” position!

(This App is used on Speed Racing Circuits too, so take care about driving license and law)

If you like to post your Speed Record you can enable “Reply Challenge Post” feature! When you gain the leader score the app will comment the Speed Record of your challenger


Using Speed Mania daily let’s you win funny gadgets like the mini-tshirt to attach into your car!