Speed Mania: face your driving experiences and facebook share

Speed Mania

Welcome to Speed Mania the new driving experience sharing mobile application.

Available on mobile stores!

iOS iPhone, iPad Link

Android SmartPhone or Tablet Link

Facebook Application Speed Record Page

Connect your facebook account to share with your friend road issues and trip. This application work offline too! Yes, while driving the app will show you current vehicle status and record your speed. Also you can use this app without posting on facebook.





  • Beautiful graphical user interface: support retina display!
  • Driving Hud with usefull informations: current speed, your olocal speed record and current city…
  • Sound for new speed record with display flash
  • Avatar with your brand car (You must agree to download brand images from internet)
  • Facebook connector with application wall
  • Automated posting while driving
  • Offline speed record
  • Review and post speed record later!
  • Mail position and speed record
  • Set warning sound on road speed limit (sound start beeping after over 15 unit exeed)
  • Miles per hour or Kilometer per hour support
  • Current music plaing can be posted
  • Trip info: duration since application start and overall distance done
  • Amazing realtime History chart for current speed
  • Full Screen support
  • New Themes available, match your car hud
  • Customize background image!
  • Trip review: organize and review records