Meteo360 for iPad: meet Augmented Virtual Reality

The strength of Meteo360?

The Augmented Reality‘s immediacy.

Look up to see all the weather data on my position, look around (360° Mode) to see info about surrounding area, point down to get an overview of the situation all around. Our “Augmented Weather Reality” plays a key role, allowing the user to orientate in the most natural way, using his eyes, increasing his cognitive capacity.

No longer need to become an experienced fisherman, or a surfer with a flair for the waves to look around and choose the coast where the weather is optimal.. and if you wanted to try to avoid the last minute Sunday stroll with your girlfriend? Meteo360 and.. “Honey, I’m sorry, the weather is bad on the hills!”.

We asked ourselves: What can we do to bring this kind of user experience on iPad? To compensate the lack of camera, we decided to “simulate” Augmented Reality.

The Augmented Virtual Reality allows us to explore space (360° Mode) viewing on background landscapes related to place where we observe the weather, them change and are fixed on background  for every cardinal point. Weather information and discovering new places to visit … almost better than traditional Augmented Reality!

Who said that iPad is only to read books? We use it to look .. far away!

Meteo360 for iPad Meteo360 for iPad - How To
Meteo360 for iPad - Sky Mode Meteo360 for iPad - Flat Mode
Meteo360 for iPad - 360° Mode 1 Meteo360 for iPad - 360° Mode 2

Both applications, Meteo360 and Meteo360 for iPad are in Review on the App Store and will be aviable in few hours.

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